$99 Per Hour for Two Men and a Truck.



We guarantee  you will only pay the price advertised on our website and will work hard to give you the customer good value for money.

No tricks, no gimmicks, just a basic price that’s easy to understand. $99 per hour for 2 men and Truck No extras. Large ,Medium and Small Trucks Available 7 days a week. Just Choose your truck to get started. As you can see from the Video all Trucks come with Pads Blankets and trollys to protect your Furniture.


No extra charges:

  • No Base to Base charge (with in 25 km of CBD)
  • No Extra Saturday or Sunday
  • No Extra for big truck
  • No Extra for tolls
  • No Call out fee
  • No Depot charge
  • No Petrol charge
  • No Extra for stairs
  • No Contracts
  • No Deposit required.
  • No Conditions


How long will the job take?

The most common question we get asked is “how long will my job Take?” Here is a guide so you can work out a budget:

  • 1 Bedroom unit/house = 2 – 4 hours (3 tonne truck)
  • 2 Bedroom unit/house = 3 – 5 hours (Meidiam truck)
  • 3 Bedroom unit/house = 4 – 7 hours (Large truck)

Moving time  depends on:

  • How much you have.
  • Access and parking at each end.
  • Whether things need to be taken apart.
  • How easy it is to get Bigger pieces though doorways.
  • Whether you are moving everything in one go or just the bigger heavy pieces of furniture.
  • How far you are going.
  • Units with Stairs.If you are on Ground, First ,second or Third floor with stairs.
  • Units with Lifts.If you are in a larger block off new units or a small older style block off units.

To get a price on how long your move will take, please call us and we will give an estimation in 30 to 60 seconds. No obligation to book . Call 1300 854 135 or 0447 00 00 99 or email: carefulmoversbookings@gmail.com or fill out inquiry form listing everything you will have on your moving day.


What We Do for You.

Our Men Dismantle You furniture if required eg beds unhook washing machine ect.

OUR MEN Carry all your belongings ,boxes and furniture to the truck.

OUR MEN Cover and arrange furniture in the truck with blankets ropes and trolleys so nothing gets damaged.(see video for example.)

OUR MEN Carry your furniture to were ever it needs to be placed at your new house or unit.eg beds in bedroom Fridge in the kitchen.

OUR MEN Reassemble Your furniture if required. eg put beds back together again.

No extra for reassembly of you furniture if required.

No extra for Stairs, Lifts, balcony lifts, or hills We Do all the Heavy Lifting.

You just pay for how long the move takes at the end off the job.

You only pay when the job is finished.

No Fuss Job done well every time.

Booking is easy!

  1. Pick your truck size: how to choose your truck.
  2. Decide what time suits you.
  3. Ring and book.
  4. We give a estimate of how long your move will take.

Its that easy we will do the rest! Call 1300 854 135 or 0447 00 00 99 to Book time.

BiG Move ! Need 3 men and a Truck !

If you have a big move and think you will need an extra man, we can provide three men and a truck for $139 per hour. Fixed price quotes available for big moves requiring 2 or 3 Trucks.

To make a booking call 1300 854 135 or 0447 00 00 99 or email carefulmoversbookings@gmail.com

Moving From Sydney to Country NSW or Interstate to Brisbane or Melbourne.

A Fixed Price can be negotiated for Moves to anywhere in NSW, Brisbane or Melbourne.We can move you anywhere on the map on the top off the web site. Check our interstate page for price guide.

Here are some examples based on medium size truck.

Sydney to Blue Mountains $600 to $700.

Sydney to Central Coast $600 to $800.

Sydney to Newcastle $700 to 800 Sydney to Coffs Harbour , Tamworth or Dubbo $1600

Sydney to Brisbane $2800.

Sydney to Melbourne $2700.


We can arrange storage for you: please call 1300 854 135 or 0447 00 00 99 or email carefulmoversbookings@gmail.com

Rubbish removal

Anticipate you will have Old furniture that need to be Dumped, We will even take away your Rubbish/Old furniture at the end off the job ! Read more about our rubbish removal service.

Small Removals.

Got a small Move or single items small moves can be arranged just min 2 hour charge applies.Fixed price can negotiated for single items.

Do you have more questions?

Have a read of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find your question there, please call and speak to Tony, our Manager. Tony knows your area and can talk to you about what you need done, give you a time, price and date for your move and answer any questions you have on the spot. We welcome any questions you have on the size off our trucks and how long your job will take.

Please call: 1300 854 135 or 0447 00 00 99 or email carefulmoversbookings@gmail.com