Removalists Sydney.BUDGET MOVERS $99 per hour for Two Guys and Large Truck.


Genuine No Frills Careful Removalists.

We Work for you the CUSTOMER and will work hard to give you good value for money.All Trucks fully equipped with pads and blankets to protect your belongings.Check Video at 1 min 10 seconds  to see how staff are trained to tie and wrap your furniture the way it should be and at 2 minute and 16 seconds the finished product your  furniture moved to your new house with out a scratch or a mark on it. Genuine Cheap Sydney Removalists the way it should be done.


  • No Base to Base charge (with in 25 km of CBD)
  • No Extra Saturday.
  • No Extra SUNDAY.
  • No Extra Weekends.
  • No Extra for big truck.
  • No Extra for tolls.
  • No Call out fee.
  • No DEOPT TO DEPOT CHARGE(with in 25km of CBD)
  • No Petrol charge.
  • No Extra for stairs.
  • No cancellation Fee.
  • You only pay at the END when the job is FINISHED. No Hidden Charges.
  • Just Minimum off 2 HOUR CHARGE.
  • All Trucks Covered enclosed Trucks so if it rains nothing gets wet.

$99 per hour for Truck & Two Men.

No Obligation to book for any amount off time.

You only pay for the amount off time that you need. If your move only takes 2 hours and 45 minutes you only pay to the nearest 15 minutes.No rounding up to the hour.You just pay in 15 minute blocks to make it easy to understand.Just min 2 hours.

Small Jobs No Problem No extra.

Small Trucks Available for Studio Apartment’s, One bedroom units, Inner City Moves, Last minute Small moves, Single Items, Quick Moves,Ikea/Grays online pick ups,Lounge removal,Fridge pick up and Delivery. Ikea  delivery and re assemble.

No Extra for Large truck.

$99 per hour for 2 men & Large Truck. $139 per hour for 3 men & Large Truck. If you have a big move and think you will need an extra man, we can provide three men and a truck for $139 per hour. Fixed price quotes available for big moves requiring 2 or 3 Trucks. To make a booking call 1300 854 135 or 0447 00 00 99 or email

Choose the Time That suits You.

Time is money for most people choose a time that suits you to start your move and we will work with you to make that starting time work for you.


To lock in your move Date all you have to do is choose the size off your TRUCK. A.3 tonne truck. B.Medium Truck. C.Large Truck. Then.

  1. Decide what time and day suits you.
  2. Ring and book your  time slot.
  3. Get a estimate on how long your move will take.
  4. We give practical advise on what to do to make things easier.

Need help choosing the size off your truck.Click on to this link:  how to choose your truck.

Free Disassemble/ Re Assemble off your Furniture.

Disassemble and reassemble included in hourly rate.Sometimes things like your bed or kids beds have to be taken apart and put back together again. All trucks come with tools to Disassemble your furniture so nothing gets broken check the you tube video to see how our people take even the most complicated things apart.

Free Shrink Wrap for your Mattress.

Always plan for a rainy day, We can shrink wrap your mattress with plastic shrink wrap so it does no get wet or dirty. Just double check when booking.

How long will my move take??? Removalists Price Guide.

Here is a  guide on how long the average move takes with in 25 km off CBD.

  • 1 Bedroom unit/house = 2 – 4 hours (3 tonne truck)
  • 2 Bedroom unit/house = 3 – 5 hours (Meidium truck)
  • 3 Bedroom unit/house = 4 – 7 hours (Large truck)

We Work for you the Customer and will work hard to give you the Customer good value for money. Your Move is unique talk to the Manager and we can nut down a time frame that will give you a idea on how long it will really take.

Talk to the Manager to get a estimate on how long you will need. Ph 0447 00 00 99.


new_south_wales_mapInterstate movers. Weather its Gundagai or Mt Hotham the North coast to the open plains off Dubbo to Gillgandra,We know NSW and Queensland. If you are going a Long way ask about a fixed price same day pick up and drop off on the day removal to anyware in NSW.Queensland and Victoria overnight the next day Delivery.

Removalists Sydney to Central Coast, Blue Mountains or Any ware in NSW.

Moving  from Sydney to Country NSW.Our Team specializes in Regional Removals to all Areas off NSW and can give fixed price or hourly rate. Here are Some examples based on medium size truck. Sydney to Central Coast.$700 to $800. Sydney to woolongong $600 to $700. Sydney to Blue Mountains $600 to $700. Sydney to Newcastle $700 to 800. Sydney to Canberra $900 to $1000. Sydney to Coffs Harbour $1600. Sydney to Tamworth $1600. Sydney to Dubbo $1600. Sydney to wagga $1700. Sydney to Brisbane,Gold coast or Melbourne $2800.


Need Storage We can help you with Storage Around %20 per cent Cheaper than the bigger Players in the storage business at our warehouse in Canterbury.If you are storing for the long term this could be a large saving  : please call 1300 854 135 or 0447 00 00 99 or email

Moving pot plants.

Love your Plants, Check our You tube video to see how we move even the biggest off Pot Plants.Plants do take up a lot off floor space in the truck and can not be stacked, Best to leave space at the end off the and do the plants Last. They can also spill dirt, If you have a lot better to do a separate trip then you can quickly fill up the truck with nothing being in the way.

TV”s and Televisions.

TV’s and Televisions are the biggest concern for Most people it helps if you have the original box to put your TV back into when relocating but if you don’t it no the End off the World we have Blankets and Padding and straps in the truck to secure your Television safely. Best to load your TV on the truck last and then it comes off Safely first. All off our staff are trained in the proper way to Handle TVs.

Ikea Delivery and Assembly.

If You have Ikea Furniture we can dismantle it and put back together again. Most off our Teams are experienced with ikea furniture.It is something you have to be careful with as its not designed to be moved multiple times and tell us what you have.

Old Furniture Removal or Rubbish removal or Mattress Disposal.

Anticipate you will have Old furniture that needs to be Dumped, We will even take away and your Rubbish/Old furniture at the end off the job ! Read more about our rubbish removal service.

Need Practical Advise!

Have a read of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find your question there call the manager. He  knows your area and can talk to you about what you need done, give you a time, price and date for your move and answer any questions you have on the spot. We welcome any questions you have on the size off our trucks and how long your job will take.


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