$99 Per Hour for Two Men and a Truck. CLICK TO CALL 0447 00 00 99

Late Bookings No Problem.

Furniture Removalists and Interstate Removalists Sydney to Brisbane and Melbourne.


Just Choose Your Truck from above to get Started.

We Guarantee you will only pay the price advertised on our website and we will Work Hard to give you the best value for money.

No Tricks, No Gimmicks, Just a Basic Price that’s easy to understand.

$99 per hour for 2 men and Truck.

(min 2 hours)

No Extra Saturday or Sunday.

No Extra for Big Truck.

No Extra for tolls.

No base to base charge.(with in 25km off cbd)

No Call out fee

No depot charge.

No Petrol charge.

No Extra for stairs.

No contract’s.

No deposit required.


You only Pay when job is completed.

You only Pay only to nearest 15 minutes so no wastage off money.

You only Pay only for the Time that Men are working(No call out fee)

Last Minute or late bookings no problem just ask.

Small Removals/Single Items no problem just minimum 2 hour  cost applies.

Disassemble / Reassemble off furniture included in price.

Our Men Organize everything in the Truck with Trolleys,Blankets and Straps.

Our Men Set everything up in your new house where you would like it.

You only pay at the end when the job is done.

You only pay for the time you use.

You only pay price advertised on website.

$99 per hour for Two men and a Truck.

The Most common Question we get asked is how long will my job Take? Here is a guide so you can work out a budget.

1BED Unit/House =2-4hours

2 BED unit/House= 3-5 hours

3bed unit/House= 4-7hours

The time it takes to move varies depending on how much you have, Access and parking  at each end,If things need to be taken apart and if you are moving everything in one go or just the bigger heavy pieces of furniture. To get a price on how long your move will take best to call and can give estimation in 30 to 60 seconds. No obligation to book.0447 00 00 99 or email carefulmoversbookings@gmail.com

If you have a Big Move and would like a extra Man, its $139 per hour for Three men and a Truck.

100% Success rate, All bookings Done on Time Every time,On the day You Book.

Check our reviews page on menu bar at the top off Website to see what customers say.

To Make Booking call 1300 854 135 or 0447 00 00 99 or carefulmoversbookings@gmail.com

Prefer Us to call You.

Request a call back just text your number to 0447 00 00 99 and we will call you.

Think about this,Is Time important to you.

Wouldn’t you rather Book your Removalist knowing what you are going pay before you Call.

Wouldn’t you rather Know when you call you are going to speak to a real person.

Wouldn’t you rather a business that treats you like a customer not just a number.

Wouldn’t you rather something simple to understand.

Wouldn’t you rather speak to someone who knows Sydney.

Check our Reviews Page  for  testimonials from old customers.

Check our Video for Truck sizes.

It’s our responsibility to provide you a painless experience and see that you are in your new home as comfortably and painlessly as possible.

If you have a Tight Sched­ule and time is important to you there are  Morning,Lunchtime and After­noon Time slots we will fit in with you to start and finish at a time that suits you.

We go to All area’s.

Sydney to Central Coast,Sydney to Blue Mountains,Sydney to Canberra, North and South Coast,Woolongong,Newcastle,Brisbane and Melbourne.

TO MAKE A BOOKING call Direct 0447 00 00 99 or email Carefulmoversbookings@gmail.com


our rates a simple.

$99 per hour for  Two men and a Truck.

Same price MON -SUN !

Only pay for the time the guys are there.

No base to base Charge…$O dollars call out  fee…(With in 25 km of CBD)

SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS  no extra cost…


Booking is easy

1. Pick your truck size.

2.Decide what time suits you.

3.Ring and book.

4.We give a estimate of how long your move will take.

Its that easy we will do the rest just pick your truck!

Truck 1.

3 ton truck and two men great for small moves if you only have a studio or small one bed unit.

Truck 2.

4.5 ton truck and two men suits medium  size moves great if  you have a normal 2 bed unit or small house.

Truck 3.

9 ton truck and two men moves a 3-4 bedroom unit or house.

 $99 per hour no call out fee all  areas.
Left your move to the last minute.Late bookings no Problem…..

We can have a truck on your door step in one hour.

STILL HAVE MORE QUESTIONS call 0447 00 00 99 or Email Carefulmoversbookings@gmail.com



If you need your questions answered call and speak to the Manager someone who knows your area and and can talk to you about what you want done, give you a time,price and date for your move and answer any questions you have on the spot.

Call our MANAGER DIRECT Tony, He is always available to take your  call 0447 00 00 99 or email Carefulmoversbookings@gmail.com We welcome any questions you have on the size off our trucks and how long your job will take.

CAREFUL MOVERS are a Sydney Removalist company that takes care of our customer’s furniture and belongings. We understand the need for gentle handling when moving your furniture and the care that should be taken. Most of all we like to get results for our customers and provide good value for the money with our service.We are here for you good a successful move for you is a successful move for us.


About us

2 men and a truck

2 men and a truck

ALL TRUCKS COME WITH PADS AND BLANKETS TO PROTECT FURNITURE!!! Careful Movers are Sydney’s only specialist careful removalist. Your Truck also has 3 different kinds of trolleys so were ever you are we can get your furniture and belongings into the Truck safely.Whether you are in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Gos-ford, The south coast or Blue Mountains we are the only people you should turn to if your furniture needs that bit more extra care than normal. Check our video on how we cover, wrap and put plastic on everything you have.

Do you have pot plants? We are extra careful with your pot plants as we know how easy they are to damage just check our you tube channel for so off our videos on the plants we move.

Need to move on a budget? Put simply, our rates are good, our record is good and we see it as our duty to move your furniture in a time frame that suits you. If you only have a 3.5 hour job we will do it in 3.5 hours and you only pay for 3.5 hours we charge to the nearest 15 min. For that reason Sydney has trusted Careful Movers, because we treat your furniture and belongings with the same care and respect that you do. Our success rate is 100%. Just look at our references and testimonials.

Questions and Answers !!!

Q.I have some furniture that needs to be taken apart do take things apart.

A.That is part off the service,It good if you can have everything ready when we get there but you can only do your best,We have tools on the truck and can take apart most furniture eg;Beds,Dinning tables,Desks ect..

Q.Are your Trucks Clean?

A.Very good question,It’s your furniture that will be going in the back off the truck so this should be on your question list.Basically if the trucks clean your furniture comes out clean if its dirty your furniture comes out dirty.That’s why we spend one day a week cleaning our trucks to make shore your belongings are protected,have a look at the picture of the back of the truck on the header at the top off our website this is how a truck should look.

Q.How long will my job take?

A.We are happy to answer this question over the phone,The main factors are what sort off building are you in A house is going to be easy er and quicker than a unit,a ground floor unit is going to take less time than a top floor unit.The best thing to do is have a rough list off what you have to be moved and decide if you would like everything you have moved in one go or just get us in to do the big stuff.We will ask a few questions on where you are and where you are going and give you a estimate over the phone.

Q.If the job takes more than 3 hours how do you charge?

A.Just to the nearest 15 min so if the job takes 3 hours an 15 minutes you would pay $325

Q.How do I know I am getting good Value?

A.When you google Sydney Removalist so many different Furniture Removal Companies come up with many different rates, It must be hard to know who to trust some as little as $23 phh some the companys are well known and have great websites but with all the condition’s and extra charges you must be asking your self what am I really going to end up paying just to use that as  example when I looked a well known site promising $23phh,  The fine print it of that company the condition was min 3 hours + fuel levy + that they load only be luggage or boxes.Our simple promise is we charge one simple flat rate $99 per hour for Two men and a truck Monday -Sunday we do the job as quick as possible to give our customers the best value for money.

Q.Some Sydney Furniture Removalists charge $180 per hour on a Saturday how come you charge $99ph 7 days a week?

A.We provide good service so we get alot of business and keep our overheads low so all you end up paying for is 2 men and a Truck and a owner that wants to see you get good service.

Q.Is there a Cheap Time Slot?

A.On Tuesday/Wednesday afternoon  we can negotiate a discount.

Q.Whats the best time slot  to book?

A.The best time to book is a 7.30am/8am Start if you would like to do it first thing in morning or 12.30 pm/1pm if you would like to start in afternoon.But we are flexible,there are all ways factors that need to be worked around like Traffic,What time you have booked cleaners,when lifts are available ect…We will work with you on what time you want to start.

Q.Whats the best way to book Phone or email?

A.Either way is OK if you phone you get to speak to the Manager and have a chat about how how things will go on the day,but If you would like the convenience of just sending one email and your booked just provide a time ,date, address and phone number in email.

Q.Whats a better Way to hire a Removalist, Quote or Hourly Rate?

A.If you go by hourly rate at least you will be able to control the cost by only paying for the time you use,We only hire men that enjoy being busy and would rather do a good quick job and get on to the next job.Plus the Manager Rings the customer after every move to check that you were happy with the service.

Q.Do you have any reviews from previous Customers?

A.We are all ways trying to improve the service and be in touch with what really happened on the day.So we value your opinion.If you make a booking tell the manager that you will be leaving a review on our review page after your Move this will insure you get good service.

Thank You for reading about our business and most Importantly happy moving…..

To Make Booking Call 0447 00 00 99

Is your furniture New, Fragile, Antique or in a tight spot? Do you need experts who know how to handle your furniture correctly? We will take on the jobs other people will not. Just tell us what you have and it’s done. We are always looking for ways to improve our service after the job is done. If you have any positive or negative feed back we would genuinely love to hear it. A successful move for you is a successful move for us. more »

more »

But theres more we will even take away your Rubbish


Is your house full off Junk,GET RID OFF IT! We take any OLD FURNITURE, junk, beds, e waste, white goods and green waste to the tip and its gone. We take care to ensure that your rubbish is disposed of responsibly, including recycling and even donating your unwanted goods to charities, where applicable. But if you have been knocked back buy the Salvation Army or St Vincent De Paul…


We take

  • ALL unwanted Furniture
  • Sofa beds,old lounges,wardrobes & beds.
  • Office junk/paper
  • Garden waste and trees
  • Renovators waste, even old carpet
  • E Waste: old computers and TVs
  • White Goods: fridges and washing machines
  • The Tip is in Artamon so its not far we take it there and DUMP IT.
  • You just have to pay the Tip fee which is $380 a tonne. (Sorry it just increased with carbon tax).We will take anything that can fit in our trucks and clean up before we drive away so, when we say that we’re Careful Movers, you can believe it! more »